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Drinking fruit wine is good for your health


In the domestic market, more and more fruit wines have appeared in recent years, such as wine and plum wine. To talk about the love of fruit wine, I am afraid that which country is better than Japan. In Japan, almost all fruits can be made into fruit wines. Nutritionists point out that compared with white wine and beer, the nutritional value of fruit wine is higher and the health benefits are even better.

All fruit can be made fruit wine

In the eyes of the Japanese, wine and fruit wine are two different things. In addition to grapes, wines made from other fruits are called fruit wines. Fruits from wines range from green plums to strawberries, mangoes and even bananas.

In Japan, fruit wine is often made by individual families. Every year from early to early summer, the entrance to the supermarket in Japan will be filled with large glass bottles, rock sugar, shochu, vinegar, etc. These are the tools and raw materials for making fruit wine. The housewives can buy it back and add fruit to follow certain standards. The proportion of their own deployment of fruit wine. After the fruit wine is well adjusted, it is put into a glass bottle and stored. At the end of the summer and early autumn, it was a matter that the whole family expected.

Even if you don't do fruit wine, it doesn't matter. In any Japanese store selling alcohol, there is a special fruit counter. The fruit wines such as clams, lychees, peaches, watermelons, lemons, and pomegranates are filled with large bottled vials for you to choose. .

Low alcohol content, good for health

Although wine contains alcohol, its content is very low compared to that of white wine, beer and wine. It is generally 5 to 10 degrees, and the highest is only 14 degrees. Therefore, many Japanese adults drink as soft drinks after a meal or bedtime.

Professor Nagata from the Department of Agronomy and Life Science at Hirosaki University in Japan pointed out that fruit wine is simply a wine made from all the nutrients in fruit, which is rich in vitamins and amino acids that the body needs. Sometimes even nutrients that cannot be absorbed by raw fruits can be absorbed by the fruit wine because the nutrients are completely dissolved in the fruit wine. Professor Nagata said that fruit wine contains a large amount of polyphenols, which can inhibit the accumulation of fat in the body, making it difficult for people to accumulate fat and fat. In addition, compared with other alcoholic drinks, fruit wines have a more significant role in caring for the heart and regulating female emotions.

It is best to have salads or cookies when you drink

In Japan, the sales volume of fruit wine is 100,000 tons a year. People not only love to drink fruit and wine, but also the method of drinking is very particular. In general, it is necessary to drink iced water in the summer, warming and drinking hot fruit wine in the winter. However, according to doctors from the Maeda Hospital in Japan, although fruit wines are good for health, they still contain a certain amount of alcohol, so they should not be overdone. It is best not to exceed 1 liter at a time. Especially when drinking, try to avoid fasting. It is better to use some foods such as vegetable salad or biscuits to taste better.

In addition, the wine is mostly sweet and sour, so it is very popular with women, but doctors advise that women should not drink too much wine before menstruation, otherwise it will lead to excessive bleeding.

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