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Fruit wine preservation method


It uses the sugar of the fruit itself and is fermented by yeast to become alcoholic liquor, and it contains flavor and alcohol of fruit. Therefore, folk families often make some fruit wine to drink. Such as plum wine, wine and so on. Because these fruit skins will have some wild yeast, plus some sucrose, so there is no need to add additional yeast can also have some fermentation, but the traditional methods of making wine are often time-consuming and time-consuming, but also easily contaminated. So adding some active yeast is an ideal way to quickly brewed fruit wine.

preservation method

The preservation of fruit wine. Barrels and jars are most prone to dry-up and leakage, and they are also susceptible to bacterial intrusion. Therefore, attention must be paid to hygiene and sealing. The temperature should be maintained between 8°C-25°C and relative humidity 75%-80%. Can not be mixed with smelly items. Bottles of wine should not be exposed to direct sunlight because the sun will speed up the quality of the wine.


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